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    Hide A Key Rock - Piedmont RocLok   $59.71
    Scroll down to see Frequently Asked Questions At 12 pounds this rock key hider will not be mistaken for one of those cheap items used to hide your house key. Even if your ...

    Spare Key Hider - McKenzie RocLok   $59.71
    Not the rock key hider you’re looking for? Check out our section of Rock ... Key holders which will look great in front of any house or office. Our RocLok Spare Key Hider allows you to securely hide a key for baby sitters, ...

    Hide A Key Rock - St. Helens RocLok   $59.71
    This “Rock Hide a Key” hidden key holder is molded from a real rock found along the side of a highway near Mount St. Helens. Works as a fake rocks for your garden to hold ...

    Hide a Key Rock - Gila RocLok   $59.71
    Scroll down to see Frequently Asked Questions With this Hide a Key Rock there is no need to worry when you are locked out of the house. Your house key can be securely kept ...

    Rock Key Hider - Hudson RocLok   $59.71
    Ground shipping in the contiguous 48 United States is just $9.95. The low profile of this spare key hider rock allows you to place the rock in any planter or garden. Use a ...

    Hide A Key Rocks and Key Lock Boxes    
    Need to securely hide a key outside? Our RocLok hide a key safes look and feel like a real rock. With a sturdy safe ...